Pac-Baby see's his mother as a giantess.

Giantess Ms. Pac-Man

Ms. Pac-Man frowns at how her son laughs at her.

Giantess Ms. Pac-Man grows

Pac-Baby watches Pepper grow really tall.

Ms. Pac-Man stomps on Pac-Baby

Ms. Pac stomps on Pac-Baby.

Attack Of the 50 Foot Pac-Woman is a fanon episode of the Pac-Man TV Series.


Ms. Pac-Man gets cursed by the ghosts with a sighn of growing fever. When she gets it she starts growing till she reached the ceiling. Pac-Baby started laughing at how tall Ms. Pac was. Ms. Pac then starts growing again that her head cracked out of the ceiling. She grew till she was 50 feet tall.Pac-Man is then told by the ghosts that if he wants Pepper back to her normal size he must tell them were the power forest is. Pac-Man says no & chomps the ghosts then finds Mezmerons formuly & has Pepper drink it then she shrinks back to her normal size.

Giantess Ms. Pac-Man comic unpack your adjectives

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