Story Edit

The day before Christmas. Pac-Man was sleeping after the hard day eating ghosts. Pac-Santa is coming said Spiral. Come on ! said cylindria . Stop acting 5 Spiral! Pac-Santa is packing toys right now. Said Pac-Man. Mrs. Pac-Man came in from the Nap Like Yellow Pac-people do. I can`t dream the good dream because of Apex took me away! Said Mrs. Pac-Man. Don`t worry Said Pac-Man. Apex is 1,000,000,000,000 miles from here. the Night was great.But Betrayus stole Pac-Santa and gave His Son the Presents. The Pac-family and Pac-Man Friends woke up and saw no presents under the tree not even the one! The Pac-Family was sad . Pac-Man Said BETRAYUS! He went to the Netherworld and eat all the ghosts and resuced Pac-Santa of Betrayus! everyone was happy expect Betrayus. He Hates Christmas!


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