(also known as Pac-Man: The Animated Series) is an animated television series produced by Hanna-Barbera based on the video game Pac-Man by Namco, which premiered on ABC and ran from 1982 to 1983. During the first airing of the show, the large number of advertisers sponsoring it caused commercial breaks to be double their normal length. Later episodes featured normal commercial break times.

The arcade game Pac-Land was based entirely on the cartoon, and Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures drew significant influence from it as well. Also, the Tengen release of the original Pac-Man arcade game for the Nintendo Entertainment System features box art based on the cartoon. This series along with The Smurfs, Foofur and other Hanna-Barbera adaptations of other properties were completely different from the studio's trademark signature shows.

The show's initial success inspired ABC's rival CBS to create Saturday Supercade, which featured other video game characters from the Golden age of video arcade games. This show also marked a first in H-B's twenty-five year history in that the studio produced an animated series based entirely on a video game (Hanna-Barbera was formed in 1957, and video games would not exist until 1971, and would not become popular until later in the decade).


Pac-Man The Animated Series Episode 1

Pac-Man The Animated Series Episode 1

Episode one (non-fanon)

The show follows the adventures of the title character, Pac-Man (voiced by Marty Ingels), his wife Pepper (voiced by Barbara Minkus), their child Pac-Baby (voiced by Russi Taylor), their dog Chomp-Chomp (voiced by Frank Welker) and their cat Sour Puss (voiced by Peter Cullen). The family lives in Pac-Land, a place in which the geography and architecture seem to revolve primarily around spheres and sphere-like shapes.

Most episodes of the series center around the ongoing battle between the Pac family and their only known enemies, the Ghost Monsters: Blinky (voiced by Chuck McCann), Inky (voiced by Barry Gordon), Pinky (voiced by Chuck McCann), Clyde (voiced by Neil Ross), and Sue (voiced by Susan Silo). They work for Mezmaron (voiced by Allan Lurie), a mysterious figure who resembles Darth Vader and acts similarly to Gargamel from The Smurfs. Mezmaron's sole mission is to locate and control the source of "Power Pellets", which serve as the primary food and power source for the city, and also as the deus ex machina in virtually every episode.

The second season later introduces Super-Pac (voiced by Lorenzo Music) and Pac-Man's nephew P.J. (voiced by Darryl Hickman).
Pacman episode 35

Pacman episode 35


Fan FictionEdit


At one point after Boomerang reran the show in 2005, the show aired on Cartoon Network where it was combined with The Road Runner Show (which had aired on CBS since 1966) to create The Pac-Man/Road Runner Show. The standard Pac-Man opening and the announcer's introduction of Pac-Man were directly followed by Pac-Man saying, "...and also starring my fast feathered friend, the Road Runner", after which The Road Runner Show's theme was played. The Pac-Man/Road Runner Show featured five cartoons from both shows for one hour as followed: "Pac-Man, Road Runner, Road Runner or another Looney Tunes or Roger Rabbit cartoon, Pac-Man, Road Runner". The Pac-Man/Road Runner Show lasted on Cartoon Network from 2005-2007, re-runs on Cartoon Network until 2009. In 2009, Boomerang and Disney Channel began re-running the show at the same time. Boomerang stopped re-running the show in 2013 (after it began playing Looney Tunes again) but Disney Channel still continues to re-run the show.



The Pac-Man/Road Runner Movie