Pac-Man Attacks! is the TV show by: Namco and Cartoon Network, Pac-Man Last TV show was Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures. The Cartoon Does not Have Betrayus in it! Blinky Called Master Blinky is the President of the Ghosts and Monsters.

Characters Edit

Heros Edit

1. Pac-Man

2. Spiral

3. Sir C

Villains Edit

1.Master Blinky

2. Inky


4. Clyde

5. Ghost Army

6. Cool Kool Ghostly

Episodes Edit

1. Pac-Man Attacks! Episode 1

2. Pac-Man Attacks! Episode 2

3. Pac-Man Attacks! Episode 3

4.Pac-Man Attacks Episode 4

5.Pac-Man Attacks! Episode 5

6.Pac-Man Attacks! Episode 6

7.Pac-Man Attacks! Episode 7

8. Pac-Man Attacks! Episode 8

And More

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