This page is about Pac-Man Attacks! TV Show in Episode 1.

Summary Edit

Pac-Man had the hard day eating Ghosts in Master Blinky`s Army. But Master Blinky ordered The Ghosts to Destroy Pac-man and get the power pellets. Blinky Why do you like to destroy Pac-Man Said Inky. Because He the only Yellow One in Pac-Land Because of Apex Said Master Blinky. I got the Very Evil Plan! Said Buttocks. It`s My Make Pac-Man disappear Ray, It Make any Yellow Pac-Person disappear making Pac-Man disappear forever! I love You Buttocks Said Master Blinky. Pac-Man likes the smell of flowers in Pac-Land Even at 10:00 PM. Pac-Man can go to sleep any time he wanted to. After that The Big Ghost Attack came. Come On Blinky! We were friends one time. Pacster said Spiral. I will help you! Hey Pac-Loser Said Cool Kool Ghostly . Pac-Man got mad.So he him and all the ghosts. But Dr Buttock shooted him with his Pac-man disappear ray! Pac-Man disappeared. Pacster Said Spiral. Pac-man was tellported

to the empty room and was trapped. Sir C make the machine called Make Pac-Man reappeared ray.

Spiral Zapped it and got Pac-Man back and he ate Buttocks and Master Blinky.


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