This Page is About Episode 3 of Pac-Man Attacks!

Summary Edit

Master Blinky! Said Inky Pac-Man Needs to be destroyed! Master Blinky! How Can the Army attack Pac-Land if Pac-Man is round! Said Clyde. Buttocks! Turn On the big screen! the Video Was About: Dear Ghosts of Ghost land Pac-Man can be stop by eating the poison power berry because the sciencitent Dr Buttocks! The tree of darkness!

So Ghosts of ghost land. Pac-Man can be stopped by the poison berry. Said Master Blinky. Pac-Man was playing Minecraft on his computer. When he saw the poison berry on his front step. his ate it, he fell like he was dying. bro are you ok! Pac-Man didn`t Answer. spiral took him to the Pac-Land hospital. The Pac-Man Hospital got the poison berry out of Pac-Man and Pac-Man ate the Ghost War and Blinky got Madder and Madder!


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