Pac-man Dies is a story about Pac-Man dying.

Summary Edit

One day Pac-Man goes to eat ghosts. he sees Blinky, and tries to eat him. But It is a cardboard cutout of Blinky. He then falls of a 4,000,000,000 ft cliff. He lands on a cactus and then is struck by lightning. then the wind blows Pac-Man in a stream that ends with a 200 ft waterfall at the bottom of the fall is a bomb that goes off. Pac-Man lands in a hole and a random Pac-person shoots him. Then a rock comes of nowhere saying R.I.P Pac-Man. Pac-Man (now a ghost) enters Ghost-World, and wants to be a member of the ghost gang. Blinky says NO WAY! And kicks him out of Ghost-World. Pac-Man vows revenge.

Ms. Pac, depressed about Pac-Man's death, jumps of a 40 story building, committing suicide. Back in Ghost World, Clyde reveals that he was the one who set up the Blinky decoy because he was tired of getting eaten by Pac-Man. Pac-Man, angered about this, eats Clyde. Pac-Man then spends the next year as a cannibal. One day he almost eats Inky, but then he turns Pac-Man back into a Pac-person, Pac-Man then eats Inky, and he eats every ghost in Ghost-World, and they take 17 months to regenerate Pac-Man then erases all of there minds. He then turns Ms. Pac into a Pac-person and everything goes back to normal (Except Clyde is still dead)