1. Pac-Man

Gameplay Edit

In The Game You Have To Use PlayPopGames To Hack The Game I Know Bandai Namco Games Hack Is On.

enemies Edit

1. Blinky

2. Inky

3. Clyde

4. Pinky

5. Creeper

Bosses Edit

Theres 120 Bosses

  1. Gaint Mario
  2. Caillou
  3. Wither [Minecraft]
  4. Dark Enderdragon [Minecraft]
  5. Spooky
  6. Toc Man
  7. Anvill
  8. The Gaint Space Ship
  9. Malleo
  10. Weegee
  11. Giga Luggage
  12. Witch
  13. Catus
  14. The City
  15. Las Vegas

more bosses soon ;D

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