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Pac-Man World: Exploration (also known as Pac-Man World 4) is an action, adventure, 3D game for PS3, Xbox 360, PC via download, Nintendo Wii, 3DS, and PS Vita. It is the fourth installment in the Pac-Man World series and is the first game to have FMV sequences throughout the whole game.


Taking place 4 months after Pac-Man Party, a new villan is coming to Pac-Village and is threatening to destroy it. It was revealed it was Bearzerk after Pac-Man defeated him 2 days ago (24 days ago in Japanese). Out of nowhere, he defeated Pac-Man and his friends. Pac-Man wakes up and finds his friends being pounded by Bearzerk, almost beaten to death. He defeats Bearzerk again, but was a fake. 3 days later, Pac-Man sets out to destroy Bearzerk once and for all. But, his friends (including Blinky, Inky, Pinky, and Clyde) persuaded him to come with him and accepts. Now, they start their new adventure to stop Bearzerk.


The game's gameplay is mostly from Pac-Man World 2, but has 1 mechanic from World 3: Characters can attack in the game, who has thier own move list. The player can also play as Patra, Woofa, and Roger, who has their own story line.


Pac-Man (Playable)

Patra (Playable)

Woofa (Playable)

Roger (Playable)

Blinky (Non - Playable and Pac-Man's navigator)

Pinky (Non - Playable and Patra's navigator)

Clyde (Non - Playable and Woofa's navigator)

Inky (Non - Playable and Roger's navigator)

Bearzerk (Main Antagonist and Final Boss)


NOTE: () = Game Series

Pac-Village (World 2)

Mirage Oasis (Party)

Tree Tops (World 2)

Crystal Cliffs (Party)

Celebration Avenue (Party)

Magma World (World 2)

Toxic Wasteland (World 3)

Final World (World 4)

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