Also known as Pac 2 combo Pac and Pac 2 (combo pack)Pac is a collection of games exusivly for the nintendo DS.


  1. Pac 2 Pac (Main)
  2. Pac-Man Pinball Advance 2
  1. Pac-Bert
  1. Pac-Man world (DS)
  2. Pac-Man Pinball Advance
  3. Ms.Pac-man 2 (unlockable)
  4. Pac-Man (unlockable)


you guessed it unlockables.

  • Pac 2 Pac trailers
  • Character Bios (including Sonic)
  • Beta footage
  • Music swap (only for Pac 2 Pac)
  • concept art
  • credits
  • Pac Man world 2 new trailer
  • Pac Man world 3 new trailer


  • The only non Pac-Man characters to appear in this game are Sonic and Dr.Eggman (tecnially roadrunner and wile E. Coyote if you don't count there many appereances in Pac-man games)
  • Even though Pac-Man world 2 and 3 trailers appear the game itself doesn't.
  • MrJoshbumstead I am so sorry I diddn't ask for the right to use your games in mine. I will ask now.If you say yes you can leave a message. If you say no fill free to take the games off the list and deleate this message.
  • Both the 1st and 2nd Pac-Man pinball advance appear
  • Even though Dr.Eggman appears he isn't listed in the bios like Sonic. This could be due to copyright

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