Pac n Paradox is a game where Pac-Man must travel through a total of 9 worlds and over 14 different levels. Team up with characters such as Pac master and Pac girl to restore time. Battle infamous bosses like Golvis or Ghost Blast. Magnifencent mutiplayer and Super cool story missions.

Plot Edit

Golvis after his previos Failure came across a time machine able to erase time it self and stop there from being a present. He used It to go back in time to the events of Pac n roll about this timein it and stopped pacman. The ghosts took over. leaving all the pacs to escape on a floating castle base (pac castle). All pacs exept one PAC-MAN! 2 years passed of him living at the ghost empire trying to kill the core. He wins but gets chased by almost every single ghost
there. Since 2 years passed pac castle has gone full circle and back near the ghosts. pacman escapes on to pac castle and the adventure begins.




Pac-Reflection (semi playable)


Pac girl

Pac Master

Pac Warior

Pac person?

More coming soon!